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Two Scoops of Sugar was opened in September of 2014 by twin sisters Jill and Joan!


Joan West

Joan started off school at Southern State Community College and obtained her degree in Business Administration. After that, she decided she wanted to become a pastry chef and pursued a degree in Culinary Arts from Sinclair in Dayton, Ohio. Joan worked in the bakery at her local Kroger for 3 years and then as part of the breakfast team at Deer Creek State Park.


Jill Barry

Jill went to school at Wilmington College and obtained her degreee in Business Finance with a minor in Economics.  For her internship, Jill worked for Deleware North Companies in the food service department at the Dayton Dragons.  She then went on to work for a local restaurant, The Rusty Keg, for 3 years where she was a manager.

5 years after graduation, Joan and Jill were finally able to put their dreams into action.

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